GLAFIMS is abbreviation of the global association of Forensic and Investigative Medicine and Science. This is a collection of people in involved in Forensic Medicine, Forensic Sciences, Investigative Forensic Medicine, Law Persons, Investigative Authorities and Persons,, Forensic Pathologists etc. The Main aim of the association is to coordinate with each other for the academic and professional development of each other.

Aims and Objective:

  1. To help investigating agencies in involved in criminal justice administration.
  2. To coordinate with each other globally.
  3. Exchange of information and knowledge.
  4. Academic Development of members of the association.
  5. To popularize forensic medicine and science in general population.
  6. To organize seminar, conferences, CMEs etc useful for the persons involved in teaching and training as well as criminal justice administration.
  7. To help in tasks useful for the Members of the association.
  8. To confer fellowship and awards to honour persons of repute in various scientific fields as mentioned above.
  9. To promote educational institutes in the field of Forensic Medicine, Science, Law, Toxicology, Criminology & other allied fields.
  10. To help policy makers and guiding them to make policies for the welfare of the Forensic Medicine, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Science, Law and allied services.


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Dr Imran Sabri

Founder President and Global Head



Whatsapp: +966565554107