Some Photograph for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Teaching

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Carbon monoxide poisoning; characteristic red color.

Contact bullet wound to forehead.

Contact gunshot wound. Note bruise pattern corresponding to the gun barrel; cherry-red color of blood is probably due to carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of the gunpowder.

Contact gunshot wound. Note black soot from incompletely burned gunpowder.


Multiple entrance gunshot wound.  Skin under chest entrance site was also torn by force of bullet.

High voltage electric burn

Wrist Cut: Attempted Suicide

Suicidal cut throat. Note numerous "hesitation" cuts.


Various rope/knot positions in hanging suicides. [source: Simonsen]

Contact gunshot wound. Note barrel-shaped  bruise and soot at wound site.

Multiple stab wounds, homicide.

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Courtesy www.suicidemethods.net